Yasir bin Hassan

Yasir bin hassan   burning hands

Yasir bin Hassan was the son of a merchant family conducting trade in Pellioh when he lost touch with that family. Originally hailing from Khoudya, Yasir was an elementalist, practicing a tradition of magic unknown in eastern Anathar.

Knowledgeable and charismatic, Yasir continued to practice his arcane arts while searching for his family and considering trade opportunities.

A former member of the Shadowguard, Yasir died in a fire set in Wrafton’s Inn in Threshold.


As it turned out, Yasir did not die in the fire but in fact had set it and faked his death. Bent on vengeance and having given into his darkest impulses, he set out in pursuit of Mendel the Merchant but was subsequently captured by Lord Pizentios and made his thrall.

Yasir was forced to aid Pizentios in the construction of the Infernal Machine and the Necromanteion. But when the Shadowguard was able to break through Pizentios’ hold on him, he fell into a catatonic state of remorseful sobbing.

Gryffin Farstryder prayed for the removal of Yasir’s fear and he saw clearly once more. Facing what he believed to be certain destruction at the hands of Pizentios, Yasir freed a powerful demonic entity Pizentios had captive. Instrumental in the necromancer’s destruction, Yasir has rejoined the Shadowguard.

Temporary Campaign Feat
While with the Shadowguard, Yasir’s share of experience awards is doubled until he reaches an amount equal to the other party members.

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Yasir bin Hassan

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