The Reign of Darkness

Entry 17

Foamfire valley

Investigations into the Iron Ring led the Shadowguard to believe that their best chances of tracking down Mendel the Merchant was by traveling to Saruun Khel.

During Ryn’s underworld investigations, he learned of Bairwin Wildarson’s black market dealings and entered into a small trade mission.

Normally a four day journey by foot, the protective measures to move through the Foamfire Valley relatively unobserved delayed the Shadowguard further. On one day they came across the bloodied remains of hunters that had been savaged by gnolls. But it was about halfway through their journey that they were ambushed by Mendel the Merchant’s Iron Ring forces augmented by hired mercenaries: the Scange, the half-orc bounty hunter Ulfur the Dwarfbreaker, the orc shaman Kandor, and warriors from a nearby goblin village.

Despite a long battle, the Iron Ring was victorious and took the Shadowguard captive – with the sole exception of Obakong, who wild-shaped into the form of an eagle and flew away. Locked in chains and manacles, they were led by goblins towards the Old Dwarf Mine while the Scange, the goblin village forces and Mendel the Merchant went their separate ways. Meanwhile, Obakong followed his companions overhead.

While en route to the Old Dwarf Mine, the goblins were betrayed by Kandor and led into an ambush by a small band of his orc allies. Though chained and gagged, a number of heroes were able to take advantage of the ensuing chaos to escape their captors and run off into the wilderness.

Minor Quest – Trade Mission



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