Yasir bin Hassan

Human Fire Elementalist


Far from his homeland, Yasir is a son of Ariya, the city they call the Jewel of the Sun Coast, which rests in the region far to the southwest of Pellioh called Khoudya. Like many Khoudyai, Yasir is well-spoken and charming; a gracious host. His charms were a boon to his father’s business, but that was not all that his family hoped for.

From as far back as he can remember, his father Hassan bin Fared, an enterprising merchant, has hoped that Yasir would perform some great deeds and bring honor and esteem to their household. Working as hard as they could, Yasir’s parents were able to send Yasir to study with tutors in arcane arts, where Yasir learned the secrets for harnessing fire and other magics. After taking The Five Oaths at the Pillars of Nethys, Yasir set out on his own to become a revered adventurer.

Though he had succumbed to the temptations of dark power along his journey, and was unaware that his mother and father yet lived and were in need of rescue, the Shadowguard saved them from the ruthless slavers of the Iron Ring. The Shadowguard also brought him back to the world of the living, and to the tasks at hand. Yasir, knowing more about the Shadowfell and the evils that lurk there than most people in Anathar has recommitted to fighting the growing power of the Necromancer-King so long as he has breath in his lungs and a few magic words in his mind.

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Yasir bin Hassan

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