Dragon Burial Ground

Dragon burial site

A recent excavation of an ancient dragon burial site located within the region near Threshold uncovered the Obsidian Orb. Though Hassan bin Fared had acquired a map revealing the location of the burial grounds and organized the expedition that performed the dig, it was the Iron Ring who reaped the spoils when they caught up with him.

In the time of the Great Kingdom, a dragon prowled the Cloudscape Mountains – the great wyrm, Shadraxil. When Shadraxil was defeated by the knights of the Great Kingdom, its remains were interred here.

However, a more thorough investigation revealed that the bones buried here are that of a much younger dragon. The truth that few, if any others, know is that Shadraxil was not destroyed but in fact banished from the Natural World and imprisoned in the Shadowfell through the powers of an artifact called the Obsidian Orb.

Dragon Burial Ground

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