Nikademus Japheth


Nikademus Japheth is High Magister of Pellioh, Archmage of the Arcane Order, and Chancellor of Mathghamhna. A motivated man of focus and contemplation, Nikademus is the face of the Arcane Order to the world and directs his efforts on the Council of Regents towards the safety and stability of Pellioh and the advance of thaumaturgic knowledge.

A constant companion of Nikademus’ is the awakened raven Raphael. Normally perched on the Archmage’s shoulder, from time to time he runs quick errands or conveys messages on his master’s behalf. Raphael’s speech is an overly formal, accented type of Common but ironically what he has to say personally is often quite intrusive and rude.


Nikademus Japheth

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