Ruins of Shadowguard Keep

Ro d2

Royal adventuring charter in hand, the party was tasked with investigating the recent cessation of communication and trade from the village of Threshold, delivering a sealed letter to Lord Padraig Kovosar, and returning his written response to Moonstone Keep in Haven. During the course of their investigations the party crushed the tribe of kobolds responsible for the blockade of Threshold, uncovered Lord Kalarel as leader of the Order of the Ebon Hand, defeated Iron Ring agents at a nearby dragon burial ground, killed Lord Kalarel’s spy Ninaran and successfully sealed the Dark Portal beneath Shadowguard Keep.

The heroes took the name The Shadowguard (in homage to their victory over that haunted place) and Threshold briefly celebrated their triumph. But it was soon revealed that Mendel the Merchant was actually an Iron Ring overlord and that a number of villagers had been abducted by the slavers.

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Ruins of Shadowguard Keep

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