Secret of Endless Night Abbey

Ro d1

Royal adventuring charter in hand, the party was tasked with investigating the recent cessation of communication and trade from the village of Threshold, delivering a sealed letter to Lord Padraig Kovosar, and returning his written response to Moonstone Keep in Haven.

En route to Threshold they were accosted by savage beasts on the rolling hills of the Gray Downs, stayed a night in Gnome’s Crossing and arrived in Rifflian.

While in Rifflian, the party was asked to look into the suspicious behavior of visiting monks by the Silver Swan Inn proprietor Stubbs Plattermann and in so doing uncovered shadar-kai infiltrating Endless Night Abbey in search of an ancient relic.

Though the party failed to stop the shadar-kai from retrieving the relic (the attempt nearly costing their lives), they were rewarded by Stubbs Plattermann because the strangers immediately departed.

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Secret of Endless Night Abbey

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