Town Hall

Jail cells

This very large building near the center of town is used for town meetings, public declarations, trials, incarceration and maintenance of public records. Devereau the castellan operates here, managing many civil responsibilities for Threshold.

Jail Cells
Prisoners do not, as a rule, remain her very long as Lord Padraig Kovosar and Castellan Devereau favor restitution, community service, fines, or banishment over long periods of enforced idleness. However, it is quite common for troublemakers to be locked up for a day or two to calm down or sober up.

Hall of Records
Access to the Threshold Hall of Records requires an attitude of Helpful for Devereau or written permission from Lord Padraig. The hall of records allows a researcher to either make the following Knowledge skill checks about Threshold untrained or at a +5 circumstance bonus: Engineering, Geography, History, Local, and Nobility.

Town Hall

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